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Which is the appropriate affiliation type for me?

We have 3 affiliation forms: Individual, Collective and Resale Rights.

  1. Individual Rights: With this complete affiliation you let us handle as much as possible. Fine artists and architects in particular benefit from this most elaborate affiliation: Complete.
    With this affiliation you no longer have to worry about your copyright. We license the use of your work on your behalf; We collect both individual and collective fees for publications and collect resale right when your art is resold. We have four distribution rounds per year. And should any copyright problem occur you can call on the support of Pictoright. For instance, if your art is used without permission or if your work is copied. Our legal experts are ready to help in case of infringements. The costs for this affiliation are €46 per year. Should you prefer to make your own arrangement with a user of your work in a particular situation, or even waive compensation altogether, we will of course be flexible. Join here for full copyright management.
  2. Collective Rights: If you work for publishers mostly, and you would just like to claim collective fees? Then connect for collective rights for free.
    This affiliation is particularly suitable for graphic designers, photographers and illustrators who work on assignment. You have reached a clear agreement with your client or the publisher about use and compensation. However, these agreements usually do not provide for use by other parties. After all, the books containing your photographs, illustrations or designs may also be lent out, copied within companies and schools, or included by clipping services. For these secondary uses, collective rights are available. These are fees that from a practical standpoint cannot be collected individually: they are collected from libraries, businesses and educational institutions. Per loan or copy, Pictoright receives a modest fee. Through a sophisticated points system, these fees are distributed annually among the rightholders who have registered for them. Join here and claim your collective rights.
  3. Resale right: Do you only want to be affiliated for the collection of resale rights for the resale of your art via galleries and auction houses? Then this affiliation is for you.
    The resale right is important for artists whose work is resold via the art market. The artist is legally entitled to a percentage of the sale price. Not only paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures and photographs are subject to resale right, but also applied art, prints, ceramic and limited edition glassware. This must involve the resale of original works; the resale right does not apply to the first sale of the work by the artist directly. The re-sale price is at least €3,000 and a professional art dealer must be associated with the sale. Join for free here and let Pictoright collect your resale right..

Do you work in several disciplines or do you have doubts as to what affiliation really suits you? Call 020 5891840 or e-mail info@pictoright.nl