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I want to terminate my affiliation with Pictoright.

Affiliation with Pictoright can only be terminated in writing. The notice period is one month. Pictoright will confirm receipt of the request. Termination takes effect from 31 December of the year in which the affiliation was terminated, unless otherwise negotiated. In the year of termination, affiliates must meet membership obligations. Pictoright has the right to settle pending applications and procedures in compliance with the affiliation regulations. Permission for use that has already been granted at the time of termination remains in effect and is simply handled by Pictoright. Prepaid membership fees will not be refunded.

Affiliation also ends:
- if the work is no longer copyrighted;
- if the affiliate is no longer a copyright owner.
Pictoright is authorized to terminate the affiliation at all times. Upon request by an affiliate, Pictoright will provide further explanation to the affiliate about the termination.
If you have questions about termination, please contact our administration at info@pictoright.nl. Whatever the reason for your decision, please let us know so that we can improve our services.