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What can I do if my artwork in the public space is tarnished?

Your artwork, or its appearance, has been defaced. This is a violation of your Moral Rights. Whether you can take action against it depends on a few factors.
In our experience, artists are often best aware of the circumstances and are therefore quite capable of defending their own rights. However, sometimes it is difficult to assess just what your rights actually are and what is the best way to achieve the things you are legally entitled to. We are more than happy to help.
By replying to the questions below you can find a generic answer to your situation. In some instances there is not much you can do legally and you will need to resign to the situation. In other cases, it is possible to take action. In such cases, we will briefly outline how. If you can't reach an agreement with the counterparty, you can submit a written objection using our template letter. Are you still unable to come to an agreement with the counterparty? Then click here.

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