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Which copyright notice must be added to the published work of Pictoright affiliates?

A clear and complete copyright notice must always be placed under or near the featured work. The correct copyright notice is as follows:
© name artist, original title work, (possibly followed by translation of title), year of creation, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 20XX (year of publication)

If several works by different artists are featured in one publication, inclusion of the following text in the colophon or credits will suffice:
Of works by visual artists affiliated with a CISAC organization, copyright is arranged with Pictoright in Amsterdam. © c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 20XX (year of publication)

In addition, the user is required to include the title of the reproduced work and the name of the artist in an appropriate place. Note: some creators have a different copyright notice.  Please see the list of artists with special conditions.