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Can I join as an estate heir?

As copyright is effective for a period of 70 years after the author's death, it certainly makes sense for an heir of an author to join Pictoright. We manage the author's copyright and distribute fees to the heirs.

Certificate of Succession

To join, we need proof that you are an heir (possibly with others). The best way to do this is through a certificate of inheritance. This is a document drawn up by a notary after death indicating who are the heirs. This can be on the basis of a will or the legal distribution. Because the certificate of inheritance is only drawn up after death based on the final situation, it is the most reliable document. You often also need the Certificate of Succession to settle other matters from the estate, so there is a good chance you already have this document in your possession.


If a certificate of succession is not available, in some cases we can also use a testament or will. The testaments describes who the heirs are. Because a will can later be revoked by a newer version, it gives less certainty about who the heirs are. A statement showing the date on which the last will was drawn up can be requested (free of charge) from the Central Register of Wills.

No Testament

If no Testament has been drawn up, in principle, the legal distribution applies. A statement can be requested from the Central Register of Wills (free of charge) showing that there is no will. In that case, Pictoright will use the legal distribution as a basis for determining the heirs.

Central Register of Wills

The Central Register of Wills can be found here: https://particulieren.notaris.nl/ctrp/

Multiple heirs

If an author has multiple heirs, we always ask for one contact person. This is the person who completes the affiliation form and is designated to be our point of contact. That person will also receive the fees and must distribute them among the other heirs in accordance with mutual agreements. The other heirs sign the connection form to indicate their agreement to this.