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When does resale right apply?

  • It must involve the resale of original works.
  • A professional art dealer must be involved as buyer, seller or intermediary.
  • The resale price has to be at least €3,000.
  • The artist may not be deceased more than 70 years ago.

In some cases, resale rights will not apply:

  • If the seller has obtained the work from the artist himself less than 3 years before the sale, and the sale price does not exceed €10,000, then no resale right fee is due on this sale. A resale right fee is never charged on the first sale by the artist himself.
  • If a person who is not a professional art dealer sells a work of art to a museum, no resale right is due on this sale. This has to be a museum that acts on a non-profit basis and is open to the general public. Vice versa this does not apply (a museum that sells works of art).
  • Until January 1, 2012, no resale right was due on sales of artworks by deceased artists.