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How do I join Pictoright and what does it cost?

There are three forms of membership.

You can join Pictoright for the management of your entire copyright (particularly important for fine artists, see creators - individual rights) by completing Pictoright affiliation form complete This authorizes Pictoright to manage and operate your copyright; Pictoright retains 25% of the royalties collected for this service. With this membership you can also call on our legal department if necessary. And you are also eligible for collective rights and resale rights. For this complete package, the annual membership fee is €46. Legal entities (including foundations that manage the copyrights of one artist) and artist collectives that are not legal entities pay an annual membership fee of €92.

Joining for your collective rights only can be done by completing the Pictoright collective rights affiliation form. This affiliation is free; 9% is being withheld when Pictoright pays out your collective rights. This type of membership is particularly suited for artists who are commissioned by publishers and media companies, such as illustrators, photographers and graphic designers.

You can register for resale rights only by completing the Pictoright affiliation form for resale rights. To cover the costs of collection we deduct a 10% administration fee from the payment of resale rights fees. (For amounts above € 1,000 resale right per transaction 5% is withheld).