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Pictoright stands up for your rights, distributes collective fees and arranges licenses with users of your if required.

Depending on your needs, there are 3 different affiliation options:
Resale Rights and Collective Rights (no annual fees), and our most expansive affiliation form for full management of your copyright: Individual Rights (46 EUR per year). Click in the boxes below for more information.

Joining Pictoright pays off: a better position for all creators! And you may very well receive money from us retroactively.


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Collective Rights

Are your photographs, illustrations or works of art featured in books, magazines and newspapers or shown on TV? Do you take wedding, portrait, or school photos? Do you photograph events? Copyright fees are collected for lending, copying, broadcasting, downloading and sharing images. Because, from a practical standpoint, these fees cannot be collected individually, they are collected collectively and are then distributed by Pictoright to those who are entitled to them. To qualify for that money, all you have to do is sign up and submit your claim to us. You can do this even if you created the works on commission or for money; this is entirely irrelevant. The client is therefore not being charged.
Only when Pictoright pays you a compensation we deduct 9% of this; the affiliation itself is free!

Annually you are requested to list the publications in which your work has appeared. At the end of the year you will receive an overview of the fees we distribute to you.

Join Pictoright and claim the collective rights, Complete the affiliation form Collective Rights and email it to Once we have processed your registration you will receive login information that will allow you to submit the publications online at

What are Collective Rights? 

These are royalties collected for lending, copying and cable distribution of images. Since, from a practical standpoint, these rights cannot be collected individually, they are collected collectively and then distributed by collecting societies among those who are entitled to receive them. For instance: Lending Rights are paid for the lending of books. Reprographic rights, Cable Rights, Private Copy  and Online Archive Renumeration are other collective rights.

Art Lending

Is your work on loan through an art lending company? If so, you are entitled to a fee. Art lending institutions are required to pay a fee for lending out artworks. Stichting Leenrecht collects these fees and processes the corresponding lending data. These fees are distributed by Pictoright. It is not necessary to be affiliated with Pictoright to receive this compensation. For more information please visit the Art Lending page