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Resale Right

The resale right is important for artists whose work is resold through the art trade. The creator is legally entitled to a percentage of the sale price. Not only paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures and photographs are covered by the resale right, but also applied art, graphics, ceramics and limited edition glassware.

When are you entitled to Resale Right?

It must involve the resale of original works; the resale right does not apply to the first sale by the artist himself. The resold work must be an original work of art, or a work produced in a limited edition by the creator himself or on his authority.
The re-sale price is at least €3,000 and a professional art dealer must be involved in the sale.
If the work is resold for the first time within three years of purchase from the artist, the resale right only applies if the sale price is at a minimum of €10,000.
The artist is a national (or resident) of one of the countries within the EU or EEA, or of another country with a similar resale right regime. You can find the list here.

What are you entitled to?

Sale price (excl. VAT) % of the part
up to € 50.000 4
from € 50.000,01 to € 200.000 3
from € 200.000,01 to € 350.000 1
from € 350.000,01 to € 500.000 0.5
more than € 500.000 0.25

The total resale right royalty to be paid has an upper limit of €12,500.


You can collect the resale right yourself from auction houses and art dealers. It is however easier to join Pictoright. We monitor (online) auctions and request art dealers to submit annual statements of all sales subject to resale rights. We also have agreements with our international sister organizations, enabling us to collect resale rights for you in other countries as well. Heirs of artists can also affiliate for the resale right.

Joining Pictoright for resale right is cost-free. To cover the administration costs we deduct a 10% administration fee from the payment of resale rights. (For amounts above € 1,000 of resale right per transaction, 5% is withheld). Sounds good? Fill out the joining form Resale Right and email it to