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Pictoright stands up for your rights, distributes collective fees and arranges licenses with users of your if required.

Depending on your needs, there are 3 different affiliation options:
Resale Rights and Collective Rights (no annual fees), and our most expansive affiliation form for full management of your copyright: Individual Rights (46 EUR per year). Click in the boxes below for more information.

Joining Pictoright pays off: a better position for all creators! And you may very well receive money from us retroactively.


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Individual Rights

Are you an autonomous artist, art photographer, architect, industrial designer or other visual creator who is not normally commissioned by print media publishers? Is your work being published in print, digital or visual media without having made prior arrangements? You can outsource monitoring where your work is published, licensing your work and collecting royalties to Pictoright. This can save a lot of time tracking, phone calls, administration and bargaining with editors and publishers. And you can rest assured that your work will only be used with your approval and for a fair fee.


As a matter of fact, this does not mean that your work will be published less; Pictoright has ongoing agreements with most publishers. Our clients are used to paying a fee for the use of art works.
Heirs of visual creators can also apply for this service. Click here for more information:

Pictoright is part of a network of collecting societies in over 30 countries (CISAC), so we can represent your copyright worldwide. Whether your work is used in a magazine in Germany, or featured in an American TV show: we will do our best to collect the proper royalties for you.

If you are a photographer, illustrator or graphic designer, then an affiliation for collective rights only is more appropriate, since you will usually negotiate the copyright yourself when commencing projects.

The annual contribution for managing your individual copyrights is €46; the deduction on payment of these rights is 25%. With this type of membership you are immediately eligible for the proceeds from collective rights, the resale right and our legal support. Legal entities (including foundations that manage the copyrights of one artist) and artist collectives that are not legal entities pay an annual contribution of € 92.

Would you like to have us handle your copyright? Fill out the form Pictoright aansluitformulier compleet, and email it to