Are you an artist?

Strengthen your position with nearly 100.000 of your fellow image makers

Pictoright stands up for your rights, distributes collective fees and arranges licenses with users of your if required.

Depending on your needs, there are 3 different affiliation options:
Resale Rights and Collective Rights (no annual fees), and our most expansive affiliation form for full management of your copyright: Individual Rights (46 EUR per year). Click in the boxes below for more information.

Joining Pictoright pays off: a better position for all creators! And you may very well receive money from us retroactively.


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Lending Rights

Libraries pay a small amount per loan to the Dutch Lending Rights Foundation. Every year Pictoright receives information about the number of loans and we match this with the statements submitted to us by authors. This is an annually recurring fee that applies for as long as a publication is lent out.

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