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Pictoright issues permission for publication

The Copyright Act stipulates that permission from the creators is required to publish images. They may charge a fee for that permission: after all, image creators must live off the income from their creative work. Apart from a few exceptions, publishers and producers are obliged to trace the creators of the images to ask permission for publication. Pictoright allows them to arrange this properly in advance. There are nearly 100,000 image creators from home and abroad affiliated with us, for whom we issue licenses.


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Is obtaining authorization mandatory??

Among users confusion often exists about what is and what is not allowed under copyright law. The golden rule is: anyone who wants to publish someone else’s image must obtain permission from the creator or their representatives. This requirement only expires 70 years after the artist’s death. For example, Rembrandt’s work is copyright-free, but Picasso’s is not. Anyone who publishes an image of an artwork by Picasso without authorization risks having to pay damages.

You can use this search functionality to determine if an artist’s copyright is managed by Pictoright. The request form allows you to request permission for use and arrange payment of the royalty. Is the artist not listed in our database? Then please settle this directly with the artist or his/her copyright holders.