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Pictoright issues permission for publication

The Copyright Act stipulates that permission from the creators is required to publish images. They may charge a fee for that permission: after all, image creators must live off the income from their creative work. Apart from a few exceptions, publishers and producers are obliged to trace the creators of the images to ask permission for publication. Pictoright allows them to arrange this properly in advance. There are nearly 100,000 image creators from home and abroad affiliated with us, for whom we issue licenses.


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I am an art dealer

The same rules apply to art dealers: If you want to publish a work, you usually need permission to do so. A licence fee is charged for this.

There are some exemptions to this rule: In principle, for example, you may reproduce an image of a work you are offering for sale in a sales brochure or on a website without prior permission from the copyright holder. Reproducing a work in an auction announcement is also allowed in general. However, there are limits to this exception. The exception only applies to the period prior to the sale/auction and the use must be considered necessary. For example, this is not the case if a brochure is only decorative rather than informative. In Additionally, commercial use is also excluded. For example, no sale brochure may be sold without permission from the rights holders of the images contained therein. As an art dealer, you usually have to deal with Pictoright when it comes to resale rights.

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