Who we are.

Pictoright is the copyright organization for visual creators in the Netherlands: illustrators, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, architects and other image creators (or their heirs). These visual creators can join Pictoright free of charge to claim the collective fees to which they are entitled. In addition, they can commission Pictoright to protect their copyright and collect royalties for the use of their work.

Pictoright is a non-profit foundation designated by the government to collect and distribute collective rights. Pictoright also exploits individual copyrights, offers legal assistance, acts as an inquiry point and is committed to improving the legal standing of image creators.


Who We Partner With

Pictoright is the copyright organization for visual creators; There are similar organizations for writers and writing journalists (Lira), composers (Buma Stemra) and publishers (Pro). Pictoright frequently acts in cooperation with these organizations to represent the interests of all copyright holders in the Netherlands. We also reach agreements on how to distribute the remuneration. We act in line with the requirements set by the CBO Quality Mark.

Pictoright has also made arrangements with equivalent organizations abroad so that the copyright of visual creators is maintained across borders. Anyone who joins us for for the full copyright management is assured of copyright income and protection in more than thirty countries, including England, Germany, France, Belgium and the US.