Who we are.

Pictoright is the copyright organization for visual creators in the Netherlands: illustrators, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, architects and other image creators (or their heirs). These visual creators can join Pictoright free of charge to claim the collective fees to which they are entitled. In addition, they can commission Pictoright to protect their copyright and collect royalties for the use of their work.

Pictoright is a non-profit foundation designated by the government to collect and distribute collective rights. Pictoright also exploits individual copyrights, offers legal assistance, acts as an inquiry point and is committed to improving the legal standing of image creators.


Objective & Mission.

Pictoright represents the interests of visual authors by exercising, promoting and protecting copyrights. We do this by:

  • distributing collective remuneration to all visual authors who are entitled to it;
  • exploiting the individual copyrights of affiliated visual authors;
  • acting legally on behalf of affiliated visual authors;
  • informing creators and users by means of talks and publications;
  • supporting organizations or activities that strengthen the social and cultural position of visual authors.

The exercise and enforcement of copyright is essential for visual creators. Pictoright supports visual authors in this regard. It strives for maximum compensation for visual creators and for an optimal distribution of this compensation among as many copyright holders as possible.

As an authoritative copyright representative, Pictoright is transparent, flexible, involved, service-driven and focused on the market. All income and expenses are fully accounted for. Pictoright is supervised in this by the government ( College van Toezicht Auteursrechten, CvTA). The Board, management and staff feel responsible for the entire organization and for the copyright interests of all visual creators.